Grocery Basket

Our client in New Zealand, has a grocery store with countless products and brands of fresh fruits, vegetables, ice cream, etc. The client noticed that in busy life schedule, going out to shop is difficult for various reasons, such as physical disability, the need to care for small children, the lack of convenient transportation and a busy lifestyle. As we are living in modern age of smart phones having 24/7 Internet, he thought why not to make people’s life easier and reduce their efforts by developing the grocery app. So he came up with the decision to make Grocery Basket app which would consist of various number of products and brands in grocery list.

The Challenges:-

During planning of the project, our team faced the few challenges like:

  1. Access to thousands of products should not hamper the performance of the products.

  2. SSL integration for secure and effective payment.

  3. User freindly UI design with less screens.

  4. Updating new product lists from inventory was the another challenge.

  5. Other chalenge was to provide ability to search and browse for any of the product.

The Features:-

After analyzing the exact client requirements and keeping challenges in mind, our team proposed a solution which contained following features.

  1. User friendly design with easy navigation flow.

  2. Barcode scanning feature for providing detailed information of any product.

  3. Layered navigation to better search the product on the basis of the availability, brands, product name, price.

  4. My Wishlist feature adding products in the wishlist, that user would like to buy later..

  5. Ajax add to cart feature for faster shopping.

  6. Detection tool was set up to track the product delivery.

  7. Option to share products directly on Facebook and Twitter via Social Media Integration.

  8. PayPal payment integration.

The Result:

A Grocery Basket app make the process of shopping for groceries simpler. It offers the most functionality that most people are looking for, and also has a great design and frequent updates. Grocery basket app saves time and money, it is the best online fruit & vegetable store, provisions store. The app is growing steadily among the user..

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