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Our client who owns the Car Carrying company wanted to come out with a solution for reducing paper work for maintaining the records of the drivers and the jobs. He wanted to create an application which would track the driver’s detail and the job status by limiting the usage of paper work. He wanted to make an app which could track the truck’s detail, its location, jobs assigned to the drivers, condition of the vehicle dispatched etc. Basically, he wanted an app that could monitor the whole dispatching process including vehicle tracking, invoice generation etc.

The client approached us with these requirements.

The Challenge:-

Our team of mobile app experts analyzed the project requirements in detail. They faced a few challenges during the initial phase of the project. The challenges include:

  1. The challenge was to show the job status, Pick up address, Drop off address and trucks location on the Google map based on the drop down selection.
  2. One of the challenge was to include the Driver’s personal details and can store information of vehicle, destination and distance.
  3. Most challenging part was to ensure online delivery acknowledgement from the receiver.

The Solution:-

Keeping the challenges in mind and analyzing the exact client requirements, our team proposed a solution which contained following features.

  1. The app allows the admin to create drivers, trucks, jobs and assign jobs to the drivers.
  2. App contains the job list which shows the list of jobs assigned to particular driver.
  3. Detection tool was set up to track the truck’s motion which shows current location and job status. Status will be changed according to the drivers location.
  4. It contains feature of Digital signature and Caputre photos to take the delivery acknowledgement from the customer.
  5. The app contains the feature of Driver Profile Setting and can edit and change the personal details of the drivers.
  6. Driver will receive notification whenever job is assigned to him and can choose the truck from the available trucks list.

The Expectation:-

The app has reduced the human efforts and paper work which has thus resulted into the system accuracy. The app is useful for keeping the records of the assigned jobs and also shows the current status of the jobs. There is a tracking feature wherein the drivers location and the job deliveries are shown on the Google map. This makes it easy for pre-inspection and post-inspection of the vehicle where the driver is required to sign off on the inspection of the entire truck. All in all client was happy to have the entire dispatching process automated. Client requires some enhancements in the app which would be released in another version.

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