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Our customer who owns a multi-specialty hospital in the USA was looking for an app wherein the appointment scheduling could be automated. Scheduling appointment manually was turning out to be very difficult task so the client decided to automate the appointment scheduling process which made the appointment process real easy for both doctors as well as patients.

Client approached us with his requirements

The Challenge:-

Our team of mobile app experts analyzed the project requirements in detail. They faced a few challenges during the initial phase of the project. The challenges include:

  1. The client wanted a user friendly app where booking a confirmed appointment could be booked in a matter of few seconds.
  2. The major challenge was to develop an efficient calendar system where booked and free slots could be easily visible based on the availability of the doctors.
  3. Another challenge was to provide a platform where someone can book an appointment with a doctor of their own choice by looking into various parameters like experience, timings, specialty etc.

The Solution:-

Keeping the challenges in mind and analyzing the exact client requirements, our team proposed a solution which contained following features.

  1. Allows user to book appointments with a doctor who has the desired specialty
  2. Tracking appointments and notifying the doctors and the patients as soon as the appointment is confirmed.
  3. Payment integration.
  4. The app contains Facebook and Google integrations which will allow the patients to share information on social media and login using social media.
  5. The app also contains an Instant Messaging feature wherein patients would chat with the doctors with whom they have booked an appointment.
  6. Patients can provide theirs reviews and feedback on the appointment and rate the doctor.

The Expectation:-

Due to the simple design and availability of the app on every device, the number of online booking patients would outnumber the manual ones and would thus reduce the manual work to great extent. The client is extremely excited about the end product and we’ll soon be adding new features in the app like maintaining patient’s history and suggesting doctors in the future versions.

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